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Mindfulness Resources: Books & Teachers I Appreciate

Books This is a shortlist of some of my favorite books on the topics of Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, compassion, social awareness within spiritual communities, and trauma-informed practice. All of the teachers listed below also have great educational resources and teaching schedules available on their websites so be sure to check them out. How to Stay […]

Tell Me About Loneliness

Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. || Mary Oliver When we entered lockdown in March of this year I went through a mixture of emotions, as most folks did. As an introverted person who worked from home already, I felt that my life would not be markedly different with […]

My Commitment to Anti -Racism : June 2020

We have just passed the summer solstice in this strange year of 2020 and it has been many moons since I posted to my blog. I have been quiet here for various reasons, which I won’t go into now, but part of my silence has been due to the fact that there are larger conversations […]

Metta Meditation: Practices to Transform Fear

Metta or Lovingkindness Practice comes to us from the Buddhist tradition. It is a simple and in my opinion, profound practice, that can help us to access a greater quality of inner strength and compassion, for ourselves and for others.  Metta is a practice I have been using for years and it has never failed […]