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Blood Moon Ritual Bath Salts

On Sunday, Jan 20th 2019 we will celebrate a full blood moon in Leo and a total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse only occurs during a full moon and though it happens 1-2 times per year, it is only visible in one hemisphere. The last total lunar eclipse occurred on July 27th 2018 and could be […]

#amreading: Why I Love Reading Fiction

I am a book lover. The books in my house outnumber all the other household objects put together yet I still keep buying more. And yes, I buy my books. I don’t go to the library. I know I should. But when it comes to books I’m greedy, I want to own them. Or at […]

DIY Yarrow Bug Repellant Roll On

We are having a really bad year for mosquitoes here in the Pemberton valley this summer, and even though I tend to suffer less from bug bites than my husband does I am covered in them this year. I’ve had to get serious about applying bug spray whenever I head out to the garden and […]

Yarrow Bug Spray for Summer Camping

Yarrow is an abundant summer flower that has a long history of medicinal use and mythological folklore surrounding it, as its name, Achillea millefolium suggests. The great Greek warrior Achilles, who learned healing craft from the god Chiron, was said to have used it to help treat the wounds of his soldiers in the battle at […]