A guided journey through the astrological year.

An online coven for magic makers & wisdom seekers.

Explore the myth & magic of the lunar cycle.

Hello and welcome. I imagine you have found yourself here because you’re looking for practices that honor living life more fully, or perhaps you simply want to invite more magic into your days. Whatever your reason, you’re curious about exploring ways to ignite your inner wisdom through the rhythms and cycles found within yourself and your natural environment.

I know this mythos because it’s also mine.

You know that life is not static, and it continuously invites us to explore ways of personal development with an open heart. This means you are inspired by continuous learning, expanding your consciousness, and evolving your way of being in this world.

My Living Ritual Courses were designed to support your exploration and remind you of your greatest resources- your very own body and the world outside your door.

Within these virtual walls, you will find a partnership that encourages you to be the leader of your own wellness. This is accessible medicine for your whole being and an embodiment of the natural wisdom within you- a place of mentorship and rhythmic companionship.