Mindfulness Classes

My mindfulness classes emphasize a somatic approach to the timeless practices of meditation. These classes are offered online throughout the year and are open to all levels of experience.

Living Ritual Courses

These programs have been designed to help you deepen intimacy with yourself and the world around you by aligning with nature’s rhythms, working with archetypal symbolism and exploring folk herbalism.

Relational Somatic Therapy

Relational Somatic Therapy is a body-centred psychotherapeutic approach informed by neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, and trauma research. It is a whole-person model that trusts in the intrinsic health that lies beneath our suffering.

Current Events and Offerings


My year-long seasonal astrology and home herbalism program


Deepen your practices of mindfulness and somatic awareness.

Natalie Rousseau


I am a woman who wears many hats. I identify as a student, seeker, and storyteller. Mother, mentor, and magic maker.  I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001 and love to support others on the path of self-discovery through personal ritual practices. My lifelong love of natural rhythms has led to an intimate relationship with bodily movement and the exploration of our environmental influences. This dance of seasonal reverence, yogic practice, mythic story, and plant medicine have been woven together to create Living Ritual – my love letter to earth-based wisdom, embodied practice, and everyday magic.

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