In Support of Personal Wellness

I have dedicated most of my life to the gathering of tools for personal wellness and it is at times like this, when we are faced with challenges beyond our individual control, that I am most grateful for the resources I have at my disposal.

While practices of self-care can not promise you immunity to Covid-19, nor directly reduce the financial or social impact that an event such as this might have on your life, they can help you to weather tough times and potentially reduce inner suffering.

Like many of you, I have serious concerns about the health and wellness of my family, particularly those who are elderly or unwell already. Like many of you, I am feeling anxious about the state of our economy and how this might impact us in real-life ways through the remainder of 2020. These fears are real and may be part of our new normal for a while.

So what can we do?

For myself, and I am the only one I can speak for, I am turning towards the tried and true practices that support me in my overall wellness and help to foster the resiliency of my nervous system. These are very foundational practices that do not cost money and have more to do with how I manage my energy and direct my attention. They focus on daily rituals of self-care and the practices of meditation (and yoga).

These are things I can do for myself. These are the practices that help me to stay steady and to show up for those I love.

Because I know that things are scary right now and many of you in my community have asked me about resources for staying calm I have bundled two of my most accessible online courses together and discounted them.

I will keep these offers available until we are back on level ground. Please feel free to share with anyone you think might benefit.

May you be peaceful and at ease. 

May you be free from fear. 

May you be well. 

Wellness Bundle Details

I am bundling my Ayurvedic Self Care course with my 30 Day Illumination meditation program for just $20 CAD. This gives you instant and lifetime access to both programs and you can move through the material as you wish. Both these programs are meant to support you in the creation of practical rituals for self-care and daily practice. I believe that our wellness practices must be simple and easy to weave into the fabric of our everyday lives, otherwise, we won’t be able to sustain them. This philosophy informs the content of these courses and I hope that they will be useful to you.

Living Ritual Wellness Bundle $20 CAD

Home Practice Yoga Videos

In this Home Practice Bundle I have put together 11 vinyasa yoga flows that I recorded a few years back with Yogo.TV. Though that service is no longer available I was given access to the videos to share with my community and so here they are. I have put them together like this so that you can practice at home during this challenging time of social distancing and potential isolation.

Online classes will never be a substitute for the studio experience in its entirety, but they can offer the support you might need in getting onto your mat. I hope that they may be helpful for you.

Home Practice Yoga Video Bundle $25 CAD

This video bundle includes – 

5 Mythic Yoga Flows inspired by my love of Hindu mythology

  • Siva & Sakti Flow
  • Invoking Krishna
  • Embodying Hanuman
  • Meeting Visvamitra
  • Embodying Ganesha

3 Ayurvedic yoga flows to support you in creating balance

  • Vata reducing flow for grounded ease
  • Pitta reducing flow for clarity and calm
  • Kapha reducing flow to raise your vital energy

3 Creative Vinyasa flows

  • Slower is Stronger, a slow and strong vinyasa sequence to challenge you
  • Moving Into Stillness, a practice to support meditation
  • No Chaturanga Vinyasa, a dynamic practice with less weight bearing vinyasa sequences