Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers | $69

An online course designed to support yoga teachers in weaving the practical wisdom of Ayurveda into their yoga classes.

Ayurveda is a sister science to Yoga and as such offers us some very simple but profound tools we can use to craft yoga classes that will support our students in finding balance in mind and body. While Ayurveda is a rich and complex topic that can take lifetimes to master in depth, the basic principles can be learned in just a few hours. This course is an online version of the material I cover in Yoga Teacher Training programs and will provide you with all you need to start weaving Ayurvedic wisdom into your offerings.

  • Program Includes

    • 10 video lessons
    • A 35 page workbook
    • Access to a private forum
    • A list of my favourite resources for continued study and learning
  • Topic of Study

    This course includes ten video lessons, each of which is between 15-22 minutes long and focuses on a specific topic, including-

    • What is Ayurveda?
    • The Language of Ayurveda
    • Understanding Dosha
    • Personal Constitutions & Current Conditions
    • Causes of Imbalance
    • How to Reduce Excess Dosha Using Yoga
    • Working With Private Clients
    • Teaching Group Yoga Classes or Workshops

This course can be done at your own pace and you will get immediate access to the course info upon sign up. If you do not get a welcome email immediately upon signing up please check your Spam folders first, then contact me directly so I can assure you get the course material.


frequently asked questions

 I designed this course for Yoga Teachers, meaning it will be valuable to those who already know how to teach Yoga as this course will not teach you that. This program is meant to provide information on Ayurveda and the way in which that information can be applied to the practice of teaching Yoga, so that you can create personalized sequences for your private clients or group classes that will support overall health and wellness- regardless of the style of yoga you teach.

I wouldn’t recommend it as it is likely not what you are looking for. If you want to learn more about Ayurveda and the ways in which to apply it do daily life you should check out my Living Yoga Online Immersion for Women or my Basics of Ayurvedic Self Care Workshop (coming soon).

After registration, you will receive an email with a link to sign in to Teachable to access the  Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers video lessons and workbook, all of which can be downloaded. You will also be given access to a page of resources in the form of book titles, blog articles, audio downloads and more that I have created using Ayurvedic teachings. This resource page has been created to support further learning. There is also a private Facebook forum you can join where you can share conversation with other yoga teachers and myself.

 The video lessons and workbook will offer you tools and homework assignments to support you in integrating the information in the course and putting it into practice in both your daily life and your teaching work. You can use the Facebook forum to ask questions and I will answer them as promptly as I can.

No. This course does not certify you to be an Ayurvedic consultant or practitioner and will not cover diagnostic techniques beyond a basic assessment of doshic imbalance (vikruti). This course does provide you the information you need to design yoga classes that take Ayurvedic wisdom into account.