Yoga Teacher Training Days

We are halfway through our Yoga Teacher Training program and have had two great guest teachers come share their knowledge with us the last two weekends which has been a lot of fun. Dan Clement of Open Source Yoga taught an afternoon workshop at the studio today that offered a contrasting look at Yin and Yang style yoga practice and contemplation. Dan is a wonderful teacher and for that reason has been a part of each of the teacher training programs I’ve offered. He’ll be back here in late October for the next training and we’ll hopefully get him back at the local studio as well.
Last weekend we had Savita Leah Young of Amrit Dhara Ayurveda come up and share her wealth of knowledge with the teacher trainees. Savita is also a fabulous teacher and we all really enjoyed her presentation style which blended theory and practice together in a way that everyone could access. We learned about our doshas (innate balance), and our vikriti (imbalanced state). We discussed the importance of having strong agni (digestive fire) and how to create a healthy daily routine to optimize our health (dinacharya). We learned how to do a daily warm oil massage (abhayanga) and finished the day off with an Ayurvedic meal. It was a great way to finish off our first week.
Heading into our third week the teacher training students are teaching a full class tomorrow morning by rotating through individiual teaching sections and in the afternoon we’ll have Dionne from Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio come in and share Yoga Nidra with us. Time is flying by and in no time at all they will be done the course and be ready to share all that they are learning with the world. It is amazing to see how quickly they are expanding their knowledge and skill and I am thrilled to be a part of the process.