Wrapping Up 2010

I really can’t believe it is already December. This past year has been so incredibly full that it has just flown right by – in the most delightful blur possible. When I think back on all the wonderful events of the past 12 months I am stunned by how rich life has been, and at the same time I wonder “where has the time gone”. Time is funny like that.
So a few things that need mentioning since I last updated the blog are:
Yoga Teacher Training Grads of October 2010: I was blessed to be able to spend the entire month of October studying, teaching, and learning with six of the most dedicated and enthusiastic yoginis I’ve ever met. We had a wonderful month practicing the art of teaching yoga, diving deep into the study of philosophy, exploring our inner realms through meditation, and learning more about our personal practice of hatha yoga. We shared in the delights of Ayurveda with Kimberly Loeb. Learned about Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy from Dan Clement. And unlocked the power of our voices with Mada Thomas. It was an adventure in learning, sharing, and growing and I enjoyed every minute of it. A huge congratulations to Tara, Angela, Rachel, Julie, Amy, and Nicole.
Illumination Series: In November I ran a series of weekend meditation classes and Illumination meetings as part of a 30 Day Illumination. The focus of the series was creating and maintaining intention through self observation and conscious re- patterning. We used meditation, journal work, yoga practice, and group discussion as a way of strengthening our personal resolve and bringing awareness to areas of confusion or doubt. It was a powerful series of classes and I personally found the work to be extremely helpful in allowing me to review the last year, and look forward with clarity and intention to the year to come. My theme (intention) for 2011 will be Steady Foundation, Open Heart, and Clear Mind. This intention became very clear through the Illumination process and will now be my mantra for the year and the stick by which I will measure my activity. If an action or relationship is not helping me to build a steady foundation, an open heart, or a clear mind then it will be dropped from my to do list. Simple as that. I know what I need to focus on, what I need to cultivate, and what I need to make more space for in 2011 and knowing that I feel excited to move forward. Thank you to each of you who participated in this special offering. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
30 Day Challenge: We ran a 30 Day Yoga Challenge at Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio through November and it was so much fun! I was so impressed by all the keen students that took the challenge and shared their enthusiasm with the community. Classes were full all month which made November feel warm and social rather than the cold and dreary experience that it can be. So thanks again to each of you that participated and congratulations on taking your practice to new levels.
December Magic: As we near the Winter Solstice I am once again reminded of what a magical time of year this is and am filled with gratitude that I live in a community that honours it in so many meaningful ways. In the last three days I have been able to enjoy a healing toning circle, a sacred dance journey, and an advent spiral with live harp music played by a gifted muscian. Tonight as the moon heads towards an eclipse I am preparing to go play at the yoga studio with my friend Geordie Milne as he leads my Level 2 Anusara class. And tomorrow we will gather together to top it all off with our annual Celebration of Light by performing 108 Surya Namaskar in honour of the returning sun. One of the ways in which we align with the divine essence of life is to honour these natural stillpoints in the wheel of the year. This is an auspicious time to pause, become sensitive, turn inwards to reflect, and offer outwards in blessing force. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place and be surrounded by so many unique and gifted individuals. I am blessed to live among you and offer the following prayer for the year to come.
As a community may we walk in the Light. May we honour each other’s gifts and celebrate each other’s beauty. May we live in peace with each other. May we support each other. And most of all may we love each other.