Thoughts on Expanding Delight

My month off started with a fun road trip with my dear friend Nicole Walford To Victoria BC. We hit the road on Saturday afternoon for a workshop I was teaching on Sunday at Moksana Yoga Studio. Ida Manly, the owner of Moksana, is in the process of getting her Anusara Inspired™ status and has been studying Anusara yoga with John Friend, Christina Sell and Darren Rhodes as well as some of the other senior Anusara teachers. As well there are now a few Anusara Inspired™ Teachers in Victoria including my friends Jonathon Boyd and Michelle Larrain, and the buzz is spreading. We had a great turnout for the workshop with many teachers and keen students from the Victoria area showing up to explore Anusara Yoga and share in some good company on a Sunday afternoon.
We started the workshop sharing what it is that keeps us coming back to the mat, what inspires us to keep practicing yoga, and the answers were all unique but all expressing the same basic sentiment. Each person said they kept coming back to the practice of yoga because through it they had experienced a sense of expansion in their lives, whether they had been doing yoga for a few months or many years, and this sense of life opening up keeps them coming back for more. They spoke about discovering the power of the breath as a tool for working with mind and emotions, they spoke about finding greater peace and happiness in their lives, they shared that they felt they had connected to a greater sense of purpose and inspiration through yoga, and many said that their lives had been completely transformed by the practice.
And this is what really lights me up about practicing and teaching yoga. The practices of yoga are so simple but so powerful and so effective at waking us up. When we take the time to slow down and become intimate with our selves through breath awareness, conscious movement, and mindful observation we connect to a place of truth and delight within us….AND….when we then connect to others from this place of truth within we expand that sense of delight and we begin to bring more love and light into our communities.
This is what keeps me coming back for more!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out on Sunday to share in yoga with both myself and the group. I so appriated your sincerity, openness, willingness, and curiosity. I look forward to practicing with you again in the future. As well thank you Nicole for being such a bright light in my life and for coming all the way to Victoria to assist me. And gratitude to  Cafe Bliss for all the amazing prana rich food we ate while we were in Victoria. My senses were delighted and my body was nourished. I can’t wait to come back to Victoria just to eat there again.