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Meditations on Subtlety & Spaciousness

This time of the year is characterized by the qualities of subtlety, lightness, dryness, and mobility and this morning I could feel each of these qualities so clearly. The dry frosty ground beneath my feet, the cold wind on my skin, the lightness of the tree branches looking so fragile without their leaves, and the subtlety of light and morning mist that lends mystery to this season. It is beautiful for sure and lends itself to the more subtle practices such as reflection, inquiry and deep meditation. You may find that you are more naturally drawn to these practices or that those of you who have established meditation practices can go deeper more readily....

Ayurvedic Tools for Maintaining Balance Through Autumn

We are halfway through Autumn and the days are getting cooler while the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. You many be noticing that things are changing within your own inner environment as well as the energetic nature of this season is so different from that of summer. According to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda the autumn season is characterized by Vata dosha, which means, “that which moves things”.