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The Value of Studentship

I feel very fortunate that when I began my journey as a yoga student my teachers were quite traditional and laid out clear guidelines for me on how I was expected to act in a class, in the shared space of the studio, and in relationship to my personal practice. These teachings were given to me in order to maximize my ability to learn, as well as to support the learning environment for others, and if hadn’t receive them early on I may not be the student and teacher I am today....

Giving Thanks (in no particular order)

New friends. Good conversation. Farmer's markets. Family dinners. Sleepy dogs. Full moons. Spring fevers. Remembering and forgetting. Pumpkin pies. Time alone......

Cleansing Comfortably in January

To support you in making lifestyle shifts that will support your overall health and wellness in 2012 I’d like to offer the following tips on how to cleanse safely and comfortably in January. Keep in mind that seasonal cleansing is ideally done in Spring and Fall when nature supports us in eating lighter so January can be a challenging time to lighten up, especially if you live in a cold climate. These guidelines offer some very simple tools that can support you in releasing excess and up leveling your overall wellness though the next month...

Community Fun and December News

The weather has been gorgeous here in Tofino as we switch into December and already the festive season has begun...

October Reflections & Halloween Recipes

Happy Hallow's Eve! Halloween has always thrilled me and though…

The Joys of Home Practice

Fact: Life has less ease and connection when I don't make time to practice.

Rhythm, Routine, and Ritual

My thoughts today are on rhythm, routine, and ritual as we switch gears into fall, I love the back to school bhav of this time of year. As I mentioned in my last post one of my rituals for establishing a rhythm that is in synch with the changing season is to deep clean my house and get rid of clutter. Another is to sit down and revise my schedule.

Creativity & Clarity

My business is an extension of my creative expression and is therefore an endlessly fascinating project. My business is the vehicle that allows me to share my passion for personal growth with others . My business is what allows me to engage in the conversations I love to have with people from all over the world that I might otherwise never get the chance to meet. My business is my art.