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Calm, Clear & Inspired: Detoxing in January

January is a great time to dream big, nourish desire, and vision the future. And if we then bring into being practices, rituals, routines, and relationships that take us in the direction of our dreams and visions than we will find that the habits and attitudes that are not nourishing us will generally fall away on their own.....

Spring Cleanse Recipes

Here are some of my favorite spring time recipes that I have been making lately while spring cleansing. Cleansing does not need to be an exercise in deprivation but rather can be a celebration of the lighter, brighter spring season. All of these recipes highlight the spring tastes that assist our body in releasing the heaviness of winter, support our bodies in detoxing naturally and nourish us with prana.....

Fall Cleansing

It's time for fall cleaning in my household. Every spring and fall I do a major cleaning and organizing of everything in the house. I get rid of anything that is not necessary or isn't being used, and I clean every corner and cupboard. I know it's time to do it again because I feel like I can't get on to any new projects until I clear out the clutter from the last four busy months of summer activity.