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Ayurvedic Tips on Cleansing

November is 30-Day Challenge month in Tofino and many of the…

The Joys of Home Practice

Fact: Life has less ease and connection when I don't make time to practice.

Rhythm, Routine, and Ritual

My thoughts today are on rhythm, routine, and ritual as we switch gears into fall, I love the back to school bhav of this time of year. As I mentioned in my last post one of my rituals for establishing a rhythm that is in synch with the changing season is to deep clean my house and get rid of clutter. Another is to sit down and revise my schedule.

Fall Cleansing

It's time for fall cleaning in my household. Every spring and fall I do a major cleaning and organizing of everything in the house. I get rid of anything that is not necessary or isn't being used, and I clean every corner and cupboard. I know it's time to do it again because I feel like I can't get on to any new projects until I clear out the clutter from the last four busy months of summer activity.