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Why Do Yogis Cleanse?

If you do yoga long enough you will notice that you start to make different choices. You may start to gradually lose your desire for foods that make you feel heavy and dull, you may lose interest in relationships that don’t uplift you, and you may find yourself craving simplicity over excess.....

Ayurvedic Seasonal Wisdom for Autumn

As the second full moon of August waxes towards the first new…

Ayurvedic Seasonal Wisdom for Summer

The summer season is one of abundance and beauty. It is a joyful time of increased light and warmth, and it's nature is generous, and extroverted, compared to the chill, dry seasons of fall and winter. It is a time to delight in the colors, and smells, and flavors offered up from the Earth, and to gather with friends and family to play outdoors and savor the long evenings and lazy days....

Purnatva & Shunyata: The Dance Between Fullness & Emptiness

When I can allow myself to simply be in the quiet moments of my life, the silent pause between one activity and the next, one breath and the next, then I am provided the nourishment, and often the inspiration, for the next cycle of fullness. It is a beautiful dance....

Living a Life of Practice

Most of us crave cycles of growth and renewal in our lives, as we all want to feel the newness of discovery and expansion in our relationships, in our careers, and in our spiritual practice. But we often forget that before growth there must be a period of birth, and before birthing there is a period of change, death or release. It is in these aspects of the pulsation that we often become stuck, because death or letting go is painful, and birth requires effort and a willingness to push into the unknown....

Ayurvedic Tools for Maintaining Balance Through Autumn

We are halfway through Autumn and the days are getting cooler while the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. You many be noticing that things are changing within your own inner environment as well as the energetic nature of this season is so different from that of summer. According to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda the autumn season is characterized by Vata dosha, which means, “that which moves things”.

The Joys of Home Practice

Fact: Life has less ease and connection when I don't make time to practice.

Rhythm, Routine, and Ritual

My thoughts today are on rhythm, routine, and ritual as we switch gears into fall, I love the back to school bhav of this time of year. As I mentioned in my last post one of my rituals for establishing a rhythm that is in synch with the changing season is to deep clean my house and get rid of clutter. Another is to sit down and revise my schedule.

Creativity & Clarity

My business is an extension of my creative expression and is therefore an endlessly fascinating project. My business is the vehicle that allows me to share my passion for personal growth with others . My business is what allows me to engage in the conversations I love to have with people from all over the world that I might otherwise never get the chance to meet. My business is my art.