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Springtime Abundance

It’s a rainy New Moon night in Tofino and I have finally found a quiet moment to catch up on my blog. Life has been incredibly full with Yoga Teacher Training, my usual schedule of drop in classes, and family life to attend to and it seems it has been a very long time since I could just sit down to write.
The March 2011 Yoga Teacher Training graduates finished their month of intensive study on March 26th. They were an awesome group and it was a joy to work with each of them and watch them step into the teacher’s seat. Teacher training is challenging and deeply transformative work and I am always awed by how powerful the process can be when the students have strong intentions. It is also a lot of fun and the friendships made during this time can last a lifetime. Huge congratulations to Mike Dooley, Katrina Sterba, Robert Kowatsch, Meagan Welch, Patrick McGuire, Pamela Smith-Gander, and Danielle Hachey on all your hard work and sincere effort.
The next six weeks will be busy ones with workshops (both mine, and visiting teachers) and another teacher training and then I will be off to Vancouver to study with Robin Golt again and from there to Paris and Italy with my husband Paul and son Nova.
On April 10th I will be hosting a fundraising workshop on the topic of spirituality, yoga practice, and daily life. It will be called Igniting the Inner Life after Regina Sara Ryan’s new book and the money raised will be going to the Alethea Foundation to help them in their efforts to bring Parvathy Baul over from India. This workshop will be part practice (yoga and meditation), and part dialogue (lecture, group discussion, and partner work). If it goes well I’d love to turn it into a once a month offering on Friday nights- sort of a Philosophy Discussion Group. If you are interested please let me know by Friday April 8th at the latest.
The next Teacher Training Program will start on April 18th and as Kimberly Loeb has moved on to Boulder we will be hosting a new teacher by the name of Savita Young who will be coming up from Salt Spring to share the wisdom of Ayurveda with us. You can catch Savita at Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio on April 24th for on afternoon workshop on Integrating Ayurveda in your Daily Life. Savita will introduce the basics of Ayurvedic theory and practice and we will put together a Personal Diet and Lifestyle Plan. I’m excited to hear what Savita has to say as she has much experience in the field of Ayurveda and conscious living and hope to see some of you at the workshop as well.
On May 1st Dan Clement of Open Source Yoga will come join us for an afternoon with the teacher training group followed by a public workshop at the studio the following day. Dan’s workshop is entitled Two Paths and will offer a look at Classical and Tantric Yoga practice and meditation as well as the Yin and Yang styles of yoga. Dan’s offerings are always well received and I’m glad I finally got him to come back for a public workshop. Dan has also offered to play live music (he’s a fabulous musician!) at my Sunday morning yoga class on May 1st so look out for that.
I will be heading to Victoria right after my next teacher training ends to offer an afternoon workshop at Moksana Yoga Studio. The theme will be Exploring the Yoga of Radical Delight and I am very excited to share the joys of Anusara Inspired™ Yoga with the community there.
From Victoria I wil be heading straight to Vancouver to study with my teacher Robin Golt who I will also be hosting once again here in Tofino. This year her offering will be inspired by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and we hope to get a good turnout with folks from Vancouver as well as our local community. This will be Robin’s third trip to Tofino and will likely be an annual event. I will be in Italy up until June 14th so please register early if you can. If you do email me when I am away simply be patient as I will be checking my email every few days for work….but will definitely be on vacation time.
The rain is putting me to sleep so it is time to sign off. I hope this Aries New Moon brings you new enthusiasm and fresh energy for all your creative projects as we head into the active phase of the year. Blessings,