Skill in Action: Advanced Teaching Intensives

The Skill in Action program is a 5-day Intensive Yoga Teacher Training designed to support yoga teachers in crafting exceptional yoga classes. This program is open to anyone who has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and has an interest in teaching yoga with greater skill and refinement. Each day will include lectures and discussions on topics related to teaching, opportunities to practice teaching, and an intermediate level group asana practice. This will not only be a chance to work on some of the hard skills related to teaching but also an opportunity to engage in conversation with other teachers about some of the challenges we face and to troubleshoot strategies for overcoming them.

 Topics of Study Will Include:

  • Sequencing strategies for mixed levels
  • How to teach advanced postures skilfully
  • Language skills and cueing
  • Creating a curriculum and designing workshops and retreats
  • Teaching tools, demonstrations &  classroom management
  • Working with inspirational themes and philosophy teachings
  • How to empower your studies and stay inspired
  • How to get clarity around what kind of teacher you are
  • And more!!

Participants Will Receive:

  • Skill in Action Teaching Manual
  • Certificate of Completion (can be used for Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance)
  • Targeted homework assignments (during & after program ends) to assist with new sequencing and teaching skills
  • Membership in private group forum space to facilitate further conversation

Pre-Requisites and Registration

  • All applicants must have completed a minimum of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program (with any school) and ideally have a minimum of one year of teaching experience
  • All applicants must have a keen desire to refine what they know and develop their teaching skills
  • Space will be limited to 12 participants maximum and this program always fills up so register early
  • To register simply purchase using the payment button below and you will be directed to a registration page

Frequently Asked Questions
There are a number of questions that I regularly get about this program so I have created a page that addresses most of them. You can view the FAQ page here. 

Autumn Program 2019: Victoria BC

Nov 18th-22nd 2019    8:30 am-5:00 pm each day. 

Refund Policy: Please Read

 Tuition is refundable (minus a $35 admin fee) up until three weeks prior to the course start date, at which point no refunds will be made.


Natalie is an exceptional teacher who lives her message. Her depth of knowledge and skill, through years of practice and hard work, make her stand out as a practitioner and educator. I feel equipped with many new and useful tools to continue on my path as a yoga teacher with confidence. I highly recommend this 5 day advanced intensive training to any instructor or yogi/yogini looking to grow as a teacher or in their own practice.

Natalie’s Skill in Action training is a thoroughly researched, well instructed, and beautifully designed course that guides yoga teachers to inquire into their own practices and personal values. It also provides them with structured, high quality and purposeful activities of many types that help to refine and practice effective and well-prepared teaching. I feel very grateful to have learned from Natalie – her insights, practical and creative curriculum as well as her down-to-earth and approachable teaching style make her and this training truly enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you Natalie!” ~ Angele Verriere

“I cannot express how important this course has been to me as a yoga teacher. I come from a background in a set sequence of yoga and this new course has given me the tools I need to start to explore and develop my own practice and teaching. Natalie is highly skilled and her knowledge and experience are grounded in lifelong study and practice in many different traditions which, whilst not taught directly, are honoured in this course. Watching Natalie teach a yoga class was a beautiful experience and I truly felt I was watching skill in action. I am so grateful she has put in thousands and thousands of hours of study and practice, and that she is sharing her experience with us to help us along our paths. I’m excited about yoga again – thank you Natalie!

So much gratitude being sent to this lovely lady, Natalie. I gained a lot of insight during this short yet rich training. I came out of this having a clearer and more direct approach to where I want to go with my teaching. Natalie provides the right tools needed for future development and I am so appreciative for the accountability she continues with after.

This course is a must for any teacher looking to refine hard teaching skills and delve deeper into the inspiration and intention behind teaching yoga. Each minute of the training is used wisely to impart clear and concise techniques on how to take your teaching to the next level and is useful to those of varying teaching experience. With Natalie’s skillful guidance I feel compelled to look to the heart of why I teach and how I can bring that passion to the forefront in each class. This is the best training that I have taken and would recommend it highly to all.

Natalie has an infectious spirit that is grounding and inspirational. She is a Yogi who clearly walks the walk with true talent in teaching and sharing her experience. The course is well organized, informative and super enjoyable. There was never a dull moment!

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie last year, and from the moment she started speaking, I knew I wanted to study with her! Natalie’s knowledge of Yoga and her capacity for sharing that knowledge is formidable. Natalie is an incredibly gifted orator. She communicates with such accuracy and precision, and she is very clear about who she is and what she wants to share. She is also one of the most organized and efficient people I have ever met. All of these skills coupled with her sense of humour, passion for Yoga and education, and years of experience, make Natalie a superior educator. I am so grateful to have found this training at a time in my career when it feels like I have reached a plateau in my teaching. This training for me was all about refinement. In the first few classes that I’ve taught since completing the intensive, I already notice huge growth in my capabilities as a teacher in terms of language and cueing, my ability to successfully hold space for my all levels drop-in classes, and in managing my own energy levels. Natalie shares practical, easy to apply skills and techniques that will take your teaching to the next level. She creates a learning space that is welcoming, engaging, fun, inspiring and safe. On top of what I learned from Natalie, I also learned a great deal from my peers, and made new friends, which is a total bonus of this type of group training. I am inspired, reinvigorated and really excited about growing my business. Thank you, Natalie, for continuing to light my way on this path. I am deeply grateful for all that you do.

If you are looking to drastically improve your teaching skills and confidence this training will give you all the tools you need. Natalie is smart as a whip, grounded, and one of the most effective teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

This course has been life changing for me! It has opened up another door for me into a life and teaching practice I am excited to share! I would recommend this course to all instructors out there no matter your experience level. Thank you Natalie!!

I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone, but especially teachers a few years in such as myself. By now we tend to have settled into a style of class planning that works for us, and have likely gotten comfortable there. On top of all the new and wonderful things I learned, I also gained clarity on where I tend to plan from and ways to further improve that. I was reminded of all sorts of gems from YTT that at the time weren’t relevant to me, and got filled away and forgotten. I feel like my teacher brain got put in a snow globe, and then shaken, all this new inspiration is just floating around, waiting to be explored! Natalie has provided such a wonderful and well put together course, overflowing with practical knowledge, and ways to implement them. No rainbows and fairies here, just time tested wisdom, that I highly recommend.

This program was everything I was expecting and so much more. It was five days filled with inspiration, knowledge, and depth of what it means to be a yoga teacher and how I can provide my students with a better experience in class. The information Natalie provided was practical and taught from her heart in a professional and organized manner. I highly recommend this program for any yoga teacher who wants to take their classes and their students to the next level of yoga education. Thank you Natalie for being an amazing teacher and being so willing to share your knowledge and passion with all of us!

Natalie is the true representation of a great teacher. Our class time was used respectfully and the curriculum very meaningful. Her style of teaching is thoughtful, warm, fun and inclusive yet very much structured and linear.The course shows an integrity that I imagine Natalie must live. Additionally, Natalie was generous and kind through e-mail support. I hope to embody the strength of this fine teacher one day myself.

I couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive and supportive training for yoga teachers. Natalie has clearly put a great deal of thought into this offering, with no stone left unturned. She artfully addressed all subjects from a place of education and authenticity. Her consideration for participant’s time, interests and learning styles was apparent, and she created a respectful space for shared growth and new perspectives. This course packed in so much quality content at a great value – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to every yoga teacher I know.

You were amazing. The course was amazing. I’d highly recommend this to any studio teacher that finds themselves in a funk or a rut with their teaching. This course will challenge and re-energize you, and bring greater clarity to why you’re teaching, how to hone and improve what you do, and most importantly, give you a deeper sense of commitment to your own students.

Natalie’s training was exactly what I had been searching for. She provided a welcoming learning environment where each of us was given practical and useful tools for teaching, even though we all had different teaching styles. I was impressed with her instructor abilities, not just as a yoga teacher, but as an educator who guided us throughout the week in a progressive manner. This training is perfectly set up for any level of instructor who wishes to expand on their language cues, physical alignment knowledge, class instruction, class planning, and overall confidence as a yoga teacher. I cannot thank you enough Natalie, for creating the space for me to feel re-inspired as a teacher and as a student – not to mention we had a lot of fun too.

Natalie, even four months after completing your advanced teacher training I am still processing the gems of wisdom you shared. Each time I plan a class I refer to the notes that I took (I could barely write fast enough to get all your useful points down), and my confidence as a teacher has increased exponentially. I truly appreciated your ability to “practice what you preach” – urging us to be organized, thoughtful and devoted as teachers, while simultaneously demonstrating those traits in your own class planning in each day of the training. I am also in awe of your depth of knowledge in all aspects of yoga teaching – anatomy, the power of voice and storytelling, spirituality, mythology, history. You are truly a gift to instructors, especially those who are seeking a leader to take them to the next level of their teaching practice. Thank you.

Natalie’s guidance and support over the years has helped to lift me as a teacher and a student and to build a clear vision of my future career goals, as well as giving me tangible steps towards making that vision a reality. She has helped me to see that making my dream a reality does not need to be overwhelming, and given me useful tools to get there. Her detailed and heart felt approach to teaching and guiding resonates with me deeply. Whether it be a workshop, teacher training, or drop in class with Natalie I am always left feeling inspired and connected to self and ready to take the next steps towards growing and expanding, wether it be in my personal practice or as a yoga teacher.

Thanks to Natalie, I have gone from an unconscious to a conscious yoga teacher. She inspired me to EDUCATE yoga students, learn more, and grow as a teacher. Natalie’s training answered all the questions that I have been struggling with since my first teacher training. And not only did she answer those questions she gave clear tools and guidelines for continued learning and creativity afterwards. Natalie is a wonderful teacher and mentor, I cant say enough about the training she has provided me!

Natalie’s Skill in Action course is worth every penny. She gave me the skills to teach with confidence and courage. This course teaches you to use smart sequencing so students get the most from yoga. Every yoga teacher should take this.

I highly recommend Natalie’s Skill in Action Advanced Vinyasa Intensive. Her dedication, creativity and passion are infectious. I left after 5 days feeling so alive and inspired. I was so excited to get back and teach, incorporating all the new skills I had learned and being able to offer my students so much more than I could before. Whether you have been teaching a short time or a long time, please do yourself a favour and take this course.

I definitely recommend the Skill in Action training. Natalie has a great wealth of knowledge that she shares with you to help you grow as a teacher and an individual. I left the training so inspired by the knowledge and tools we were given to create and present a well rounded and exciting yoga experience. I look forward to the next opportunity to study under Natalie’s guidance.