September Blessings

August flew by in a blur of busy moments and suddenly it is September. Autumn is my favourite time of year, it always has been. In part I think this is due to the natural clarity and crispness of the season and the way that it turns my attention inwards. Summer is such an extroverted season. Especially when you live in a seasonal town such as Tofino. Through the summer months so much of my energy moves outward, which is fantastic as well- I work harder, I play longer, I spend more time on the beach and in the sun and less time sleeping or reading. But I definitely love the moment when the inward shift occurs and I am led by nature into the more introverted seasons. This is the dreaming time for me, the time of creativity and renewed commitment to stillness and quiet experience, rather than action and manifestation. I am grateful for the rythyms of nature, the dance of light and dark, the beautiful pulsation between expansion and contraction, it never ceases to amaze and satisfy me…..
The summer of 2010 was particularly full for me on the yoga front in Tofino and I am full of anticipation for all that is to come in the future. The new addition of a central yoga studio has been an incredible gift to our community (thank you Pascale!!) and the momentum is building with so many more people experiencing yoga than ever before and those who have been dabbling for a while now deepening their own commitment to practice. It is so fantastic to be a part of this period of  growth and expansion. We have had incredible teachers from other communities come share their knowledge and wisdom with us and visitors from all over have come to share their practice with those of us who live here.
On a personal front my son got his first summer job and it has been so delightful to watch him expand his sense of responsibility and accomplishment. My husband went on his first big bike tour up to Bella Coola to see Grizzly Bears and wide open spaces and came back with memories to last a lifetime. As a family we got some quality time away camping in the sunshine and floating in the rivers. And I was able to get some time doing what I love doing best- being a student learning from experienced teachers that inspire me. So all in all an abundant and succesful season….
But now I am ready to put on my wool socks once again and dig up my warm jackets, pull out the crockpot and my autumn stew recipes, spend more time studying and less time working, and really enjoy slowing down, going deeper, and reflecting on all that has transpired in this amazing year so far.
September blessings to each and every one of you.