Sacred Story: A Chat with Susanna Harwood Rubin

Meet Susanna Harwood Rubin , a yoga teacher, visual artist, and writer who is passionately committed to profile_10582975_10152752079702044_2429676207573312204_ofinding beauty in everyday life. She has been studying with her teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks for well over a decade, and through his teachings her own appreciation for the power of metaphor and storytelling were awakened and have found expression through her offerings. Susanna often uses mythological themes as teaching tools both in her asana classes, and in her online courses which merge the practices of writing and of yoga.  I had the good fortune of taking part in one of Susanna’s courses  last Fall and I was delighted with the way she used mythology from the Hindu tradition to awaken our creativity.  This course is fabulous for anyone who wants to connect to writing as a practice (whether you consider yourself a writer or not!), and I am continually coming back to it as inspiration for my own relationship with writing.
Today I got on the phone with Susanna as part of my Sacred Story Online Immersion project. When I was designing the course I knew that I wanted to create a series of blog posts and interviews with various teachers who have also brought myth and story into their own daily lives. My intention with this was to show the ways in which many different people have come to work with deity practice, or mythological narrative, in a way that is both potent and creative. And so in my chat with Susanna today I asked her about her own journey, and she shared with me how she was introduced to Hindu mythology and the ways in which her own relationship to the deities found within these stories has deepened over time. She also shared some great advice for those who are new to deity yoga but who are curious about it, as well as her perspective on the power of story itself. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her and I am sure you will enjoy hearing what she has to say!
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