Nine Ways To Pray: Simple Practices That Can Bring You To Your Knees & Fill You With Gratitude

  1. Listen to music, turn it up loud and feel it with your whole body.
  2. Read poetry, preferably slowly and out loud, savour each word.
  3. Climb a mountain; get some perspective.
  4. Move your body, dance, run, make love; revel in your sensuality.
  5. Get lost in a forest; remember how small you are in comparison to the vastness of the natural world.
  6. Sing, wholeheartedly and with absolute abandon.
  7. Swim in the ocean or a still lake; remember what it feels like to be held.
  8. Be with animals (or children), give them your full attention, and listen to what they have to teach you.
  9. Love deeply. Be vulnerable, openhearted and brave.