Moon Wisdom: Full Moon

“May the blessing of the light be with you always,moon
light without and light within.” ~Celtic Moon Blessing
Tonight the moon waxes to its most brilliant expression in the summer night sky, giving silvery adornment to the abundant beauty of this season. This is a time of purna or fullness, and represents a quality of perfection that is worthy of celebration.  Just as the New Moon has a certain energetic pull on us, the Full Moon has a power that can support us in the most wonderful ways if we allow ourselves to attune to it.  One of the simplest ways to attune to lunar energy is to bask in the light of the moon during the days of fullness, and rest deeply in the days of darkness. This simple practice will help shift your inner rhythms in a natural way. Below are some more ideas for how to bring this moon wisdom into your daily life in ways that are simple, and profound.
Create & Share: the Full Moon is related to the Ayurvedic dosha of Kapha and so is a time or creativity, abundance, and generosity. Be generous with yourself and allow yourself more time for creative pursuits at this time of the month. Delight in making beautiful meals, writing sweet poetry, painting, sculpting, dancing or doing anything that allows you to express yourself in the ways that you most enjoy. I firmly believe that everyone has an artistic side, but that we all express our artistry in different ways. This is also a time for sharing so do make time to be with others and share your creations with them. Perhaps a perfectly laid out summer picnic with crystal wine glasses, linen napkins and artfully decorated place settings? Or an afternoon spent in nature with a friend that also loves to draw or paint, silently sharing the beauty of your surroundings while enjoying your craft?…What lights you up? Make time for it today!
Count Your Blessings: as I write this it is the Full Moon of July which also marks a day that is sacred in the Hindu calendar and is known as Guru Purnima. It is a day to honor our teachers and reflect on all they have gifted us. This is a beautiful practice and can truly be done each month by simply taking the time to re-count the blessings of the last month, give thanks for the teachers we have met as well as the experiences we have had that offered us insight and opportunity for growth. The fullness of gratitude is one of the most wonderful ways to align with the moon at this time and will impart a quality of sweetness and joy that will nourish you all month long.
Celebrate Fullness: the Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and so is the ideal time to celebrate your accomplishments and achievements. You can do this by spending time with your journal reflecting on what you have realized in the last month. This is also the ideal time to wrap up big projects or creative tasks, as you will have an abundance of energy to give to them.
Be Playful: the time around the Full Moon is the time to be playful and as you become attuned to moon rhythms you will find you can ride the waxing tide in a way that offers you more strength and vitality naturally. Enjoy the strength and vigor you feel at this time by using your body to practice yoga, enjoy your favorite sports, and dance all night if the mood takes you.
Be Sensual: Full Moon, and Kapha energies, are both highly sensual and so this is a time to allow yourself to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. Your may find your digestion is stronger at this time of month it is the ideal time for a lavish dinner party with friends and family. Make your favorite meals, decorate your home, and toast each other with your favorite drinks while you relish in the sensual delights of good company, fine food, and the tastes and smells of the season. If you are in an intimate relationship you may notice that your senses are heightened at this time of month in a way that offers new layers of delight to your lovemaking. Full Moon nights are the perfect time to stay up long past bedtime savoring your loved one and celebrating the closeness that you share.
Open Your Heart: on your yoga mat focus on postures that open up the front of your body, expand your heart centre and bring your arms overhead in a gesture of celebration and welcome. Backbends, handstands, and expressive postures should be on the menu and remember to bring both playfulness and sensuality to your practice. This is a time to find pleasure in your practice, not a time to press your self to do yoga simply because its “good for you”! Check out my backbending flow class on Yogo.TV , or my elemental flow on my YouTube channel for some ideas.
Set High Intentions: use the powerful current of abundant energy present at this time of the month to set high intentions for yourself as you move into the next growth cycle. Whereas New Moon is the time to release and relinquish, now is the time to set goals and ask yourself for more. Take a bit of time in the days around the Full Moon to ask yourself what you want to bring into being in your life, which domains of your life you wish to make more fertile and abundant, and in which ways you want to grow and flourish. Don’t hold back. Dream big. Soak up the light of moon, let it fill your heart, and allow it’s bright beauty to support you in shifting to a higher level of consciousness and action.
I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will inspire you to pause in your day to notice the pull of the moon and to indulge in a practice or two that will draw you into alignment with it’s current. For more info on Moon Wisdom and for more ways to bring it into your life check out my Yoga For Life Program which is a lifestyle coaching program for yogis that want to live a more vibrant and illuminated life.