Letting Go & Starting Anew : A Personal Announcement For The Scorpio Moon

On Saturday May 18th the moon will be full in the deep water sign of Scorpio while the sun sits in the fertile earth sign of Taurus. In my opinion, this is one of the most potent moons of the year. As an earth sign, Taurus supports us in accessing the truth contained within our bodies (the body never lies) and encourages us to tend to our foundations (family, home, livelihood) so that there is a possibility for new growth and abundance. In contrast, Scorpio likes nothing more than to tear things down and plumb the mysteries of life. Death, rebirth, and transformation are Scorpio’s jam. These qualities may seem to oppose each other but in truth, they complement each other beautifully. Taurus provides the security that can support us in questioning what needs to change in order to keep our inner lives flourishing and Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes again and again. In short, this is a moon can support us in releasing that which has run its course while also providing the nourishing energies needed to bring blessings to that which is sprouting into being.

I have a very personal relationship to this particular moon and always look forward to the time when it will light up the late spring skies. It was under the light of this moon nineteen years ago that I made an inner vow that initiated me into some of the most difficult and rewarding years of my life, setting me on a path that continues to amaze me. Fifteen years ago under the very same moon, I met and fell in love with my husband, and this year I am celebrating the end of a seven-year cycle of distillation that has resulted in renewed creative clarity.

For those of you who follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter, you know that the last year of my life contained some significant family challenges, challenges that shook me to my core and ultimately helped me to re-organize my priorities in the way that only hardship can. I can say now that I am grateful for the difficulties of the last year as they really did help me to clarify what I value most and where I want to put my vital energy going forward. I have announced some of the changes I am planning to make via my Instagram feed and newsletter but wanted to share a bit more of the full story here as a blog post gives me more space, so if you have been part of my community for a while and are curious about how my professional work is changing please read on.

Letting Go

I began practicing yoga in 1998 and fell in love with it instantly. I recognized it as a tool that helped me to quiet my mind and feel into the emotional space of my heart while locating myself firmly in my physical body. This was powerful medicine for me as I was such a fragmented young woman at that time due to the trauma of my past. Yoga became instrumental in my personal healing journey and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this practice, to all my teachers and to the communities I have been part of, communities that have supported me in ongoing inquiry. I have a deep and abiding faith in the efficacy of a sincere and committed yoga practice. A faith that was born out of personal experience and has been verified time and again. However, since 2012 I have found myself more and more disenchanted with popular yoga culture here in the West and have become less and less identified with my role as a yoga teacher within this context.

Over the last few years, I have been slowly letting go of certain ways of sharing yoga with others and have become more discerning about who I want to work with and what it is I want to teach, which has been very rewarding. But now I am ready to let go of another layer. I have been working with yoga teachers as a trainer and mentor since 2010 and I have loved every minute of it. I chose to work with teachers because they are generally very committed students who ask good questions and so encourage me to keep learning myself. The other reason I have loved working with teachers is that it has always re-inspired my optimism regarding yoga culture in general as I get to see how many kindhearted and dedicated folks are out there humbly teaching yoga in their local communities. Despite all this though I have come to the conclusion that I want to return to focusing on yoga in a more intimate way, working with small groups of curious students who are interested in what it means to live a life of practice – rather than focusing on what is needed to teach yoga classes or show up as a yoga teacher.

I spent many years strengthening the voice of the educator, mentor, and coach within me and now I feel that it is time to bring forward other voices. I no longer identify solely with the archetype of the teacher. Rather, I feel more aligned with the archetypes of the conversation starter, the storyteller, and the circle caster. I love bringing people together for practice, celebration or contemplation. I like to create spaces that support curiosity and encourage self-exploration. I love working with a specific theme or a set of teachings that we can unpack together through conversation and that we can embody through movement, meditation, and ritual. I don’t want to be an expert giving folks a download, instead, I want to invite folks into a process of learning that is ongoing and ever-evolving.

So I have made the decision to step back from offering my teacher specific programs as of this year. I will hold both of my popular teaching intensives one more time each before moving on to other creative projects that will nourish my soul. If you have always wanted to train with me now is the time. I’ll hold my Skill in Action TT in November 2019 and my Fire & Flow Vinyasa Intensive in Jan 2020 and that will be it.

What’s Next?

Letting go of my work with teachers means I will open up more space for some creative projects I am really excited about. These include expanding my online programs (something I have been doing for years), doing some serious writing (yes there are some books I want to get out eventually) and starting a podcast. I have always loved interviewing folks and over the years I have done dozens of audio interviews that I have shared with my community primarily through my private courses, but now I’m ready to do something more. As a person who values conversation, I have always loved audio as a medium and I am really excited to make space in my life to do this in a more dedicated way. I hope to launch this new project in the fall and have the Taurus full moon of November as a tentative start date. This will not be a highly produced and perfectly edited podcast because that is not how I roll. I am a one-woman show and I like to keep things low tech and simple. Easeful. But I do promise to do my best with it and like everything I do I am sure it will take on a life of its own. I intend to interview people who are doing interesting work in the areas that intersect with the work that I do, areas such as mindfulness, plant medicine, movement practice, earth magic, Ayurveda, etc. But there is so much more I want to be talking about too. Topics such as intergenerational trauma and how it affects our personal lives, family systems, and relationships,  ancestral healing, psychedelic therapy, gender, sexuality, and identity fascinate me and cannot be contained beneath the simple umbrella of yoga. I want to make space for these types of conversations and the podcast is one way I can do that. In short, I will continue to teach yoga in the context of special events and curated gatherings, but it will no longer be the sole focus of what I do.

End Of The Road or New Beginning?

For some of you who have been part of my community for many years, this may be the end of the road in a relationship that centered around the topic of yoga exclusively. If so I wish you all the best and I hope you have been able to receive something of value from our time together. For others of you, this will be yet another new beginning in your relationship with me and you are curious enough to stick around to see how the conversation unfolds. Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming your way over the next year and thank you for being the inspiration for the work that I do.