Giving Thanks (in no particular order)

Aspen trees. Autumn leaves. Warm hugs.  Deep forests. Tall mountains. Nova’s smile. Old friends. Green smoothies. New books. Dissolution and re-creation. Paul’s kisses. Warm tea on a cold morning. Powerful rivers. My family. Summer flowers. All my teachers. Old books. New friends.  Good conversation. Farmer’s markets. Family dinners. Sleepy dogs. Full moons. Spring fevers. Remembering and forgetting. Pumpkin pies. Time alone. Watermelon on a hot day. Clean sheets. Wool socks. Beauty. Kindness. Used book stores. My Nana’s hands. Breathe. Simple wisdom. Early mornings. Train whistles. Wood stoves. Moments of stillness. Laughing so hard my belly hurts. Harlow’s voice. Crispy apples. The smell of horses. Iced tea. Ocean breezes. Love stories. Winter soups. Sunsets and sunrises. My Mom. Cuddles on the couch. Wind in the trees. Cozy days. Traveling to new places. Nova’s dad. Dark chocolate. Work that I love. Learning new things. Snowy days. Road trips. Dropping back. Going deep. The sound of rain. Auntie Mel’s  farm. My English family. Fresh bread. Myth and story. Quiet nights. Slippers and scarves.  Community. Change. Discovery. Long walks. Winds that shake the house. Moments of wonder. Sunshine. Fear. and Love!