How is this program different than a 300 hour program ? This is a teaching intensive where we will narrow in on some of the primary areas that most teachers continually need to refine in order to teach truly great yoga classes. So rather than covering a wide variety of topics such as you would get in a 300 hour program, we are going to go deep in a few key areas in order to support you in focusing on your in-class teaching skills.

Who is the program for? This program is for passionate yoga teachers, who have teaching experience (minimum 1 year of regular teaching). These teachers may have anywhere from 200-1000 hours of accumulated teacher training already but are desiring more of a focused training environment where they can get some more personalized feedback and direction along with tools and strategies to help them craft exceptional yoga classes and events.

Can I take this program if I have been teaching for less than a year? Or if I have only taught a few classes?  I firmly believe that you will get more out of this program if you have some solid teaching experience before you take it. Some of your most useful questions will arise out of the real-life challenges you have faced in the classroom, and it is the friction that arises from those challenges that will encourage you to do the work necessary to find solutions. Without that experience much of what you learn in a TT is simply theoretical, this program is meant to be practical and applicable.

How much personal attention will I get if I take this course?  Registration is capped at 12 participants max in order to create an intimate environment, one in which each participant will get the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. You will also get follow up support as well as access to a private forum where you can continue to ask questions after the program has concluded.

I am challenged by teaching to all levels, will this program help me with that? Yes! Teaching to all levels is a challenge, but one that can absolutely be met if we have a firm grasp of the power of language and direct cueing, the ability to assess the efficacy of our instructions, and an understanding of how to modify postures based on our aim in teaching the posture in the first place. These skills take time to build but there are some solid and tangible processes that can help you to gain these skills and this will be a focus of our work in this program.

I do not teach Advanced yoga classes or Advanced yoga postures, is the course suitable for me? Yes. This program focuses on offering you tools that can be applied to any level of class, regardless of style or approach, tools that will allow you to craft classes that will help your students to learn how to practice yoga safely and effectively, no matter where they are starting from.

I am not a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, is this course suitable for me? While we will spend some time looking at how we can craft intelligent vinyasa sequences, this program will offer you many tools you can apply to styles other than Vinyasa and is not in any way exclusive to the Vinyasa approach.

I want to be able to teach Intermediate/Advanced classes, will we be learning how to do that in this program? Absolutely. Teaching classes or workshops that include Int/Advanced requires strong observation skills, the ability to use concise and effective cues, and an understanding of the physical requirements and actions needed to do the posture. These are all things we will put an emphasis on in this program as we consider them essential teaching skills, necessary to provide you with the ability to support your students in developing their own practice.

I want to teach workshops and trainings myself? Will we talk about this? We will devote some time to discussing what is need to lead truly effective workshops and training programs. Most of what we learn in our basic teacher training programs are geared towards the skills needed to teach group movement classes, whereas having an understanding of how to structure these more complex offerings is often not touched upon. This generally means shifting our focus towards that of being an educator (vs simply providing an experience) and so we will cover what that means and how you can begin to think in this way too.