Enjoying the Beauty

It has been so incredible beautiful these last few days in Tofino. Full moon, sunsine, cold clear skies, quiet beaches…so much Shri. I have really had my head down since I returned from my two weeks of studying in Vancouver with my teachers Chris and Robin. I have been focused on refining my teaching, studying what I’ve learned, practicing what I’ve learned, and then going to the studio and sharing what I’ve learned. Today it felt good to take a step back and walk the beach (without my dogs! so peaceful..), take a nap, and bake some cookies.I learned so much in my time away. As always. And one of the main things I came back with is that I already have a huge amount of information available to me from my teachers and now I just have to get more serious about observing myself as a teacher (through peer assesment, self observation, and video) and working on the specifics. I am deeply committed to the Anusara method and have decided to keep going with it- Certification and beyond!-which means I am observing myself through that very specific lens. Most of what I am working on is undoing the unconscious patterns I have as a teacher from all my years teaching other methods. Language that isn’t necessary or useful, conflicting alignment cues, innapropriate use of passive language. And then the work of adding in the new tools such as the appropriate use of the UPA’s, Heart Based Language, and Active Commands. This is yoga geek talk I know but if any aspiring Anusara teachers are out there reading this they’ll know what I’m talking about. And for all you devoted students of yoga who couldn’t care less about the nuts and bolts of teaching methodology just know that this work of constant refining is done so I can serve you better. Because that’s all I want to do. To make my message so clear and concise that it drops right into your hearts and allows you to access more of the joy and expansion that my teachers help me to feel.
As for studio news I am hosting my friend Kimberly Loeb and her friend Jen Rankin for a fantastic workshop on the fundamental of Meridian/Nadi theory and how it works with Yin Yoga. Kim is an amazing teacher of Ayurveda as well as a Yoga Therapist, and Jen is an accupunturist, yoga teacher and TCM student.
The next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starts in a week. I am feeling excited to get started with the lovely group of students that have registered. Each training offers up something new as each group is so different and I learn an incredible amount about myself, about yoga, and about community each time I run one.
After that I will be heading to Vancouver to study with Robin Golt once again, another round of Anusara Teacher Training. And then off to France and Italy for a three week vacation with my family. 2011 promises to be another nonstop year and I am excited to experience each moment fully.
Enjoy the beauty of these late winter days…..Much love from me to you.