Community Fun and December News

The weather has been gorgeous here in Tofino as we switch into December and already the festive season has begun with many wonderful events and special evenings. We started the season off at the yoga studio with a Wrap Party for the November 30 Day Challenge where we celebrated the folks who participated. Marni Recker took the grand prize with 43 yoga classes in 30 days!, and we had at least another ten people who did 30 or more classes in 30 days. It was a nice evening where we got to chat a bit with the people we practice with, eat some delicious food, and give away some prizes. The 30 Day Challenge really is a fun event and it certainly warmed the studio up through the darker days of November.  Our next Challenge will be in April for those of you who want to take part next time.
The very next night the studio hosted a fundraiser for Stillpoint Sanctuary with Mojave which was absolutely fabulous. I taught a 60 minute flow class to begin which was followed by an acoustic show played by Paul and Lisa Jarvis. They are both such talented musicians and those of us who were there were blown away by their music as well as the opportunity to experience them live in such an incredibly intimate setting. In between songs they told us stories about their adopted llama Starman and the wonderful folks at Stillpointe who work tirelessly to keep these wonderful animals healthy and safe. It really was a special evening and I’m hoping we’ll have more opportunities to hear them play again in the future.
As for upcoming events I was planning on teaching my Celebrating Community Workshop on the 17th of this month but have recently been inspired to create a Seasonal Wisdom Series and would love to offer a workshop on the 18th of December focused on Seasonal Wisdom for Winter and the holiday season. It will be a 2 hour workshop with an emphasis on creating nourishing routines and practices to support health and wellness through the darker colder season of winter and the business of the holidays. This will be a fun and interactive workshop that will ideally provide some concrete tools to help you feel centered and balanced through this time of year. If you are interested please let me know by email. I am feeling very inspired to teach this so will offer it at a low cost of just $20.00 and will run it with 8 participants. Please let people know if you think it is something they would be interested in.
And finally I will be running the annual Celebration of Light: 108 Sun Salutationsevent at

Celebration of Light

Coastal Bliss this year. In the past this event has gotten quite large and this year we don’t have as many teachers available to help make it happen in the same way so I will be offering a smaller and more focused event that will center around the movement ritual itself. Join me on December the 21st from 5-7 pm for 108 round of Surya Namaskar in honour of the returning sun followed by meditation and a deep Savasana. This is such a fabulous way to strengthen your intentions for the year to come and purify your subtle and physical bodies of anything that is not in keeping with your highest vision. Space will be limited this year so sign up soon by emailing me or registering at the studio. I’m working on getting some ambient live music for this event as well so stay tuned!