Congratulations Spring 2010 Graduates

It’s been an incredible month of Teacher Training and everyone put in a fantastic effort wrapping up with our graduation celebration yesterday. Congratulations Kathryn, Sally, Panagiota, Roslyn, Candy, Morag, Sophie, Amber and Ryan – I have loved every minute we have shared together this last month and am so excited to see how each of you moves forward from here.
Teacher training is a transformational journey that delivers a full spectrum of challenges and delights. It is rarely easy, but then many things worth working for aren’t- and the reward for the commitment put in is high. I have always found teaching yoga to be incredibly rewarding and even after the hardest, longest day teaching I still come home feeling satisfied and can’t imagine doing anything else with my time and energy.
Thanks so much to all of you that shared in Yoga with us this last month and helped this training come together. Special thanks to Sarah Platenius, Kimberly Loeb, April Woods, and Daniel Clement for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with our group. And thank you to all the staff at the Field Station for making everyone as comfortable as possible while they stayed here if Tofino with us.
Spring 2010 Grads
Thanks for the memories!