Aries New Moon: Igniting The Fire of Intention

This Friday we celebrate a new moon in Aries, a moon that I like to call the Spring Fire Moon as it initiates us into the spring season and a new astrological year.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and brings with it a sense of exuberance and courage, qualities that we can tap into in order to empower ourselves as we step forward into the creative cycle of the year. With both sun and moon in this cardinal fire sign, the days around the new moon offer up a potent opportunity in which to ignite our own inner fire so that we may bring our intentions into action.

When the moon is new only its dark side faces the earth and its reflective light is absent from the night sky. I have always found this to be a time when my inner gaze becomes more refined and my ability to “see in the dark” is increased. This enhanced sensitivity allows me to feel into what is most true- in my heart, in my mind, in my body, and in the natural world around me. Because of this ability to perceive with greater clarity and truth, I like to craft my intentions for the next lunar cycle around the days of the new moon.  Intentions that will support me in nourishing what needs to be fed, releasing what needs to be let go of, and empowering that which needs my attention.

The time around the new moon is also ideal for practices of divination as they support us in seeing the world through a symbolic lens and receiving insight in different ways. For me this means working with tarot and journal work.

One of the symbols from the tarot that I like to work with during the Spring Fire Moon is the Ace of Wands. In the tarot, the suit of wands is representative of the element of fire, offering us teachings on creativity, desire, spirit, energy, passion, movement, personal growth, and the value of initiating action. As tarot teacher Mary Greer says,

“Wands indicate the desire for self-growth and creativity. They want to expand awareness, as well as set everything on fire with their enthusiasm.” 

After the deep sleep of the winter season, this burst of springtime fire energy can support us in getting going and moving boldly in the direction of our desires.
If you want to tap into the power of this new moon within yourself I invite you to try out this simple tarot spread using the Ace of Wands as a focal point, a spread I shared with my 13 Moons Circle for the Aries Season. If you do not have a tarot deck you can simply use the prompts as journal questions to reflect on.

Spring Fire Tarot Spread

Begin by drawing the Ace of Wands from your favourite tarot deck and place it in front of you. Take some time to gaze at the imagery and take note of how it makes you feel as you shuffle the cards and consider the questions below. Lay out a new card from your deck in response to each question.

  • Position 1: What is the bright spark of new life that is arising within my heart at this moment?
  • Position 2: How can I nourish my creative or spiritual fire at this time?
  • Position 3: What might be blocking my creative desire at this time?
  • Position 4: What hidden strength or inner gift can I draw on as I enter this new season of creative growth?

I recommend taking some time to read the story in your cards before looking up any interpretations in books or online. This helps you build trust in your own interpretations of the symbols you have received. Next, I recommend writing down your spread in your journal, using your own language to help you define what you have recieved on an intuitive level. Finally, you may choose to look up the meaning of the cards in a book or online source in order to give yourself more info if desired. I usually leave my your spread out for a few days so I can continue to receive insight from it. You may also choose to place the ace of wands on your home altar during this next month as it is a powerful symbol of new beginnings.

I believe that creating our own new moon rituals is a beautiful way to connect to the larger rhythms of the world around us. It offers us an opportunity to check in monthly, deepen our inner awareness, and reflect on the ways in which these larger rhythms affect us on an individual level. I offer you this spread in the hopes of inspiring you to create practices and rituals that are meaningful to you and if you would like to receive more teachings like this you can still join me for my 13 Moons Circle for 2019-2020. We started on the spring equinox but I always leave registration open for the first few weeks as it is a year long program. This year registration will officially close on April 17th 2019.

New Moon Blessings from my heart to yours,