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Thirteen Moons Sadhana Circle

An online offering for women who have a desire to live rhythmically by weaving simple wisdom practices into their daily lives. 

I have created the Thirteen Moon Sadhana Circle as way to bring together a community of women who are interested in the conversation around personal practice, seasonal wisdom, kitchen medicine, the power of sacred story, meditation and ritual. This program is for women who want to deepen their connection to the natural world through a variety of practices within a supportive virtual community of like minded women who are doing the same. My life has been powerfully enriched by all the moments I have spent in sacred circles with other women, and while I wish we could all gather together in physical space each month I also know how hard that can be with the busy lives that most of us lead. So this is my offering, a way of creating greater connection to ourselves, to each other, to the pulse of the seasons, and to the rhythm of the moon. An offering designed to bring more magic to your everyday life.

How Does This Work?

Each month, a day before the New Moon, you will receive an email from me. Each monthly email will include the following ~

  • A short audio recording with inspiration and practice suggestions for the moon cycle to come
  • A 9 minute meditation audio focused around a symbol or intention specific to the moon cycle
  • A simple 9 minute home yoga practice that will help you align with the season or moon cycle we are in
  • A sacred story audio recording, drawing on world mythology as a way of offering inspiration related to the moon cycle we are in
  • A simple recipe or suggestion for kitchen sadhana (whole foods, kitchen medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy)
  • Suggestions for personal ritual and altar setup for the month
  • Contemplation suggestions and journal prompts for the cycle to come
  • Monthly book suggestions
  • New Moon Evolutionary Astrology wisdom from Lila Rasa Brown

You will also be invited to join a private forum where we can engage in discussion throughout the month and connect with others in the group. The only other email you will get from me all month will be a Full Moon check in with a few suggestions on how to tap empower your monthly intentions at that time. Other resources I will offer will be

  • Interviews with special guest teachers, wise women in the fields of astrology, meditation, herbalism & women’s health, Yoga, Ayurveda, creativity, tarot, and more!
  • Q&A recordings or live webinars 3 x per year

Who Is This Program For?

  • Any woman who is interested in deepening her connection to natural rhythms by moving through a full thirteen moon cycles of personal practice and ritual spanning the wheel of the year.
  • Women who love yoga and meditation and want to inspire their home practice.
  • Yoga teachers who want more inspiration on how to connect yoga practice to the seasons and moon cycles of the year.
  • Women who love rich conversation, sacred story, and everyday magic.

If you have questions about this course feel free to email me at natalie@natalierousseau.com

When Does It Start?

The circle is now closed for the year. Registration will re-open in early 2018, and the next circle will begin on March 17th 2018. Sign up here if you want to receive advance notification and pre-sale pricing. 


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