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The Inner Path: A Yoga Philosophy Intensive for Serious Students & Teachers

I designed the Inner Path Philosophy Intensive designed for teachers and students of yoga who want to deepen their understanding of the philosophy that has informed and shaped their modern practices. Each day of this program will include a dynamic mix of yoga practice, lecture, discussion, and application of ideas related to daily life.

Program Objective

To provide a greater understanding of yoga philosophy, and to support both teachers and students in engaging study and practice at a deeper level.

Topics of Study Include

  • General history of the yoga traditions within India & the western world
  • Study of foundational texts & sources for yogic philosophy & practice (Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga texts etc)
  • Introduction to Hindu mythology, the epic texts (Mahabharata & Ramayana) and the Puranas
  • Daily asana, meditation & pranayama practice
  • Tips, resources & support for engaging personal studies
  • Tips, resources & support for creating and maintaining a home practice of asana, pranayama & meditation
  • How to weave philosophical teachings into daily life & personal practice
  • How to weave philosophical teachings into the yoga classes you teach (teachers track only)

Program Delivery

This program will be taught over two weekends at Shala Yoga in Squamish BC. Our time together in the classroom will be devoted to practice, discussion, and deeper learning. One month before we gather for our first weekend together you will receive the online lessons related to this course. The online component includes a series of video presentations on the history of yoga and the key texts that you will be invited to study. There are two different tracks of study you can choose from for this program, that of the serious student, and that of the teacher.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for anyone who appreciates what their yoga practice has brought to their life and now wants to better understand the context out of which these practices arose. It is also for teachers who want to bring some of the philosophical teachings into their asana classes in a skillful way and have a desire to deepen their knowledge of yogic philosophy.

Program Includes

  • 30 hours of in class-room study and practice
  • yoga history online course
  • the Inner Path Philosophy Intensive study manual
  • extensive reading list for ongoing study & resources for further study
  • 35-hour continuing education certificate (teachers track only)
  • online lessons on sequencing yoga classes around philosophical themes (teachers track only)
  • access to a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion

Serious Student vs Teacher’s Track

I am offering this program at two different price points, one for serious students, and one for teachers. Read through the descriptions to decide which one is best for you.

Serious Student

  • includes 30 hours of in classroom study + online lessons
  • includes a suggested reading list which you have the option to study before the program begins
  • includes access to a private online forum for ongoing discussion

Teacher’s Track

  • includes 30 hours of in classroom study + online lessons
  • includes a required reading list which you are asked to study before the program begins
  • includes an additional online lesson related to teaching
  • includes access to a private online forum for ongoing discussion
  • includes a 35-hour continuing education certificate which you may receive upon completion of two homework assignments

*please note that you will receive a list of required reading upon sign up and if you are in the teacher’s track you will be expected to purchase the texts on that list prior to the course at your own expense. If you do not get an email from me immediately upon registration with your course info please check your Spam filters, or ensure that your payment account is attached to your primary email. If you have problems with registration email me at natalie@natalierousseau.com

Refund Policy: Tuition is refundable (minus a $35 admin fee) up until one month prior to the course start date, at which point no refunds will be made. If you are unable to attend for any reason, payment received will be kept on file as a credit and can be used for any other Living Yoga live program ( subject to availability), or any online course within the year.


I found the course very informative and felt engaged and inspired in the learning process from start to finish. Natalie has a gift a gift with words and is full of wisdom and experience to share. The group felt open and safe but at the same time contained and organized. There wasn’t any time that things seemed to get off track or unfocused. There was a purpose to everything we did and discussed. I also love that we got 3 meditation sessions and 2 asana practices a day to digest the information. ~ Mariko Bailey

This Inner Path Philosophy Intensive was a life changing event for me. I have always been very interested in the history and the roots of yoga. But to be able to connect with a group of people and “nerd out” for five whole days was invaluable. I am not a teacher and I found this workshop to be so useful in pursuit of more information. Natalie was thorough and animated through it all. Her clear passion for this topic is very evident in her presentations and level of excitement in the topic. She is an inspiration and this entire week motivated me to dig deeper and really refreshed my love for the practice. I would go and do this again and again and again! ~ Colleen Romano

I signed up for this course because I thought it would give me a foundation of information for my upcoming trip to India. The pre-course reading allowed for time to ponder and engage in conversation with others. The course put things into order and helped me to notice what ‘grabbed’ me for my personal practice. Natalie is a highly skilled and intuitive teacher. I came away with a new set of tools to infuse my daily practice. In addition to the community, the resources that Natalie shares are inexhaustible!! ~ Debra Hamilton


I am a yoga teacher, but am interested in taking this program for personal knowledge rather than continuing ed. credits. Can I sign up at the serious student price instead?

Yes! If you don’t care about getting the 35-hour continuing education certificate, and don’t want to do additional homework after the program is done than you can absolutely sign up at the serious student pricing.  If you decide after the program that you do want the certificate you can simply upgrade for $55.

I am a curious yoga student, but do not have an advanced yoga practice. Will this course be appropriate for me? 

You do not need to have an advance physical practice in order to do this program. To get the most out of it you will ideally have been practicing yoga regularly for at least one year, and be comfortable working in a mixed level group with appropriate modifications. Your curiosity and willingness is more important than your physical ability.

I have never studied yoga philosophy before. How intense will this program be?

If you are doing the teacher’s track I will be asking you to read five books, so this program will require a commitment to your own studies. If you are taking the serious student track the pre-course reading is optional. The online presentations and in class discussions will help offer further clarity. My intention with the program is to set you up for a lifetime of study- but there is no expectation you will “get it all” right away. It just doesn’t work like that.

What will the cost of the required reading texts be?

Upon sign up you will get titles and links for these books so that you can order online (new or used), or you may look for them in a used book store near you. Most of them are also available in a Kindle edition for an even cheaper rate. These are fabulous resource books and will be a valuable addition to your home library.

Do you offer payment plans?

If paying all at once is a challenge we can break your payment into 3 parts. There is an additional $20 admin fee for the payment plan option. If you would like to request this option email me at natalie@natalierousseau.com

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