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Fire & Flow: Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Intensive

Expand your capacity to offer skillful, inspired and transformative vinyasa yoga classes. 

My first introduction to yoga was through vinyasa, and it is the power and fluidity of this practice that led me to fall in love with yoga. I have taught vinyasa yoga for over 15 years and it continues to inspire me because of the fact that it offers me so much creative range to work with. Teaching vinyasa yoga can be a lot of fun. It can also be very challenging. It is particularly challenging to teach in the mixed-level drop-in style yoga environment that is today’s norm.

I created the Fire & Flow: Vinyasa Teaching Intensive to support yoga teachers who love vinyasa yoga in learning some of the tools and techniques that can make it easier for them to create powerful and intelligent vinyasa yoga classes for their students. This is a five day teaching intensive and is open to any teachers who have a minimum of 200 hours of previous yoga teacher training.

Topics of Study

  • defining vinyasa and expanding our definition of flow
  • identifying the core components of vinyasa yoga
  • techniques for teaching vinyasa yoga to beginner students
  • creative vinyasa sequencing for beginner to advanced students
  • how to safely teach advanced postures within a flow class
  • working with mixed levels
  • using language effectively or the art of cueing
  • how to weave inspirational themes into your classes
  • techniques & strategies for public classes & workshops
  • tools for determining your individual vinyasa style

Pre-Requisites & Requirements

The following pre-requisites will be important to ensure that you get the most out of this training if you choose to register. If you have questions about this please contact me directly.

  • All participants must have completed a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training, will have a minimum of one year of teaching experience and be currently teaching at least one class per week
  • All participants must be physically able to practice a minimum of 2-3 hours of vinyasa yoga each day of this training
  • All participants will have experience practicing vinyasa yoga for a minimum of one year

Participants Will Receive

  • 39 hours of in-classroom training with me. (Group size will be limited to 14 students plus my assistant.)
  • Fire & Flow: Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Manual
  • Invitation to a private forum space where you can connect with others who have taken this program and share resources & support ongoing
  • Fire & Flow certificate of completion (can be used for Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance)

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 9-9:30 am:  Daily Surya Namaskar practices followed by pranayama & meditation to open the day
  • 9-11am:  Teaching methodology/sequencing strategies – each day will focus on a specific topic that we will explore through theory & practice
  • 11-12:30: daily vinyasa yoga practice led by Natalie
  • 12:30-2pm lunch break
  • 2-3 pm: Teaching methodology /various topics such as cueing, demonstration skills, partner work, modifying for injuries etc
  • 3- 4:15: Teaching practice – participants will be expected to do a minimum of 10-30 minutes of teaching practice each day
  • 4:15-5pm:  Review, Q&A, closing practices

Summer Program: Pemberton BC

  • Program Details: This program will be held over two weekends at Kula Wellness Centre in Pemberton BC. The course dates are May 25th-27th & June 8-10th and class hours will be 9am-5pm each day. Please note that this is not a residential training, meaning that accommodation is not included in tuition costs. Please read the Cancellation Policy below before registering and if you have questions contact me directly.
  • Cancellation Policy:  Tuition is refundable (minus a $35 admin fee) up until three weeks prior to the course start date. After that date, no refunds will be made unless your spot can be filled.
  • Registration Notes: I will be accepting 14 students maximum for this program. Before registering please ensure that the email address associated with your Pay Pal account is current. Upon registration you should get an immediate receipt of payment as well as email response from me with a welcome note and program details- if you do not receive this please contact me directly to  ensure you are registered. 

Cost: $700 CAD


Where can I stay in Pemberton? There are a few hotels in Pemberton and quite a few places that you can find on Air BnB . As well you might choose to stay in nearby Whistler where there are many more accommodation options. The drive from Whistler to Pemberton is about 30 minutes.

How is this program different than your Skill in Action Teaching Intensive? The Skill in Action Intensive focuses on learning a variety of techniques to support you in refining your teaching skills, regardless of what style of yoga you teach. While some time in that program is given to exploring creative vinyasa technique, the program is not focused on vinyasa the way that the Fire & Flow program is. Fire & Flow is all about vinyasa.

I teach vinyasa to a lot of beginner students will your program help me with that? Yes, we will look at how to teach vinyasa yoga to people who are new to the practice in a way that supports them in learning good technique, building stamina and becoming comfortable with the rhythm of flow.

I want to teach more advanced vinyasa classes, will we learn how to do this in your course? Yes, we will look at how to sequence for advanced postures using a vinyasa template, and cover a variety of techniques to support you in introducing advanced work to your students in a mixed level class environment.

Do I need to have an advanced practice in order to take this training? No. But you do need to have experience practicing vinyasa yoga and be comfortable practicing for a minimum 2 hours per day for the five days of this training. All advanced postures will be taught with options and stages to suit various levels of practice within the room.


“Natalie is such a wonderful teacher. She is a well of knowledge! The vinyasa intensive has changed the way I teach and prepare for classes. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course. Thank you Natalie!” ~ Annica Johnson

“I’ve always been impressed with your deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through your classes. I appreciate how it is passed on to the students on both an individual level and class level. I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance & find your teaching methods motivating. Your training provided an opportunity for personal teaching, physical, mental development through Vinyasa Yoga. Thank you!” ~ Rebecca Marshall 

“Nat is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever encountered. She has the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to make learning enjoyable and easy. I have been studying with Nat for several years now and as long as she continues to provide content that is relevant, I will continue to study with her and learn from her. ” ~ Kim Marsh  

Loved every minute of it Natalie!! The connection of like-minded humans being human. The integrity and clear intention with which you support teachers and share the learned path of yoga fills my heart ♥️ Great-full!! ~ Marlene Weller

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