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Offerings of Love & Beauty: Simple Earth Honouring Rituals for Beltane

Beltane is the pre-Christian Celtic fire festival that is celebrated near May 1st and marks the crossing of a threshold that takes us firmly into the bright season of late spring and early summer. I wrote about Beltane in a longer article last year, and so this year I wanted to share a few very […]

Women’s Medicine: Motherwort

This article was originally written as part of the curriculum for my Thirteen Moons program from last year, but I wanted to share it here as well. This year I will be creating monthly Plant Ally profiles for the Thirteen Moons group along with KitchenWitching recipes to explore using a variety of seasonal medicines and […]

Awakening Vitality: Yoga For The Spring Season

We have just passed the vernal equinox and spring is officially here, but here where I live in Pemberton BC the snow is still melting, the flowers have yet to bloom and the days are both cold and damp. Early spring is not a particularly lovely season here in the Pacific Northwest and according to […]

Release & Relinquish: Rituals for the Dark Moon

The dark moon phase occurs in the days just prior to the new moon. This is the time when the waning crescent moon rises after midnight and shrinks daily until there is nothing left but a sliver of light around a dark-faced moon. Ritually this is a time for letting go. A time for releasing […]

Full Hearted Living: Full Moon Rituals For Real Life

The full moon of March 1st is fast approaching and my tender heart already feels stretched to the max. We are barely three months into this year and it has already cracked me wide open. How about you? On a very personal level, I have been navigating emotional landscapes I never thought to encounter in […]

Blue Moon Rituals for Awakening Creativity

I began my journey as a student of yoga in the Ashtanga tradition. I fell in love with the rhythm and intensity of this self-led practice that was meant to be done six days a week, with Saturdays and moon days off.  Moon days referred to the full and new moon days of the month, […]

Sacred Smudge Ritual Bath Salts: For New Beginnings & Times of Transition

One of my favourite things to do is to create ritual bath salts. This simple act of kitchen medicine making allows me to weave creativity and self-care into one practice while soaking in a warm tub provides some of the best healing magic I know of.  The recipe I am sharing here is one that I […]

Insights & Blessings: Reflections On My Recent Trip To India

I got home from India four days ago and am grateful for a quiet week in which to recover from my jet lag, slowly unpack my bags, and reflect on my experience. Re-adjusting to my daily life back here in Pemberton feels strange, not only because there is a thirteen hour time difference to reconcile, […]

Dreaming In The Dark: The Healing Potential of Late Autumn

You see, I want a lot.  Perhaps I want everything  the darkness that comes with every infinite fall  and the shivering blaze of every step up. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke I have always loved the dark season. Ever since I was a child. I loved it not only because of the way the leaves crunched […]

Homecoming and the Value of Ritual in Personal Practice

It is mid-September, and outside my window the tall grasses have browned, their golden seed heads waving gently in the late afternoon breeze. I can see the green of the aspen leaves beginning to change their colour, and fall to the ground. The days have been slowly shortening since midsummer, but it is always right […]

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