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Full Moon in Libra: Harmony In Action

The full moon of April 10th 2017 will occur at 11:08 pm in the sign of Libra.

This moon has many names, including Pink Moon, Peony Moon, or Egg Moon. Eggs are ancient symbols of fertility and new life, and though we often think of the moon as being round, it is in fact shaped more like an egg than a sphere.

A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are opposite each other, with the earth sitting in between. At this time, the bright face of the moon is fully illuminated with the light of the sun. The moon also has a dark face. This face is the one you see lit up when the moon is new, or dark in the nighttime sky. As the sun and moon are opposite each other during the time of the full moon (like two friends sitting on either side of a see-saw), their rise and fall will also oppose each other. This means the full moon will rise as the sun sets on the horizon, and on a clear morning, you can see the moon set as the sun rises. The time of a full moon is a time of opposing energy in the sky. With this celestial action, full moons can be a good time to consider opposites or contemplate your ability to sit in the center of contradiction in a helpful way.

Astrologically, this dueling sun-moon action is reflected in the fact that most of the time the full moon will be in a sign that is opposite to the one in which the sun is residing at that moment. As an example, this month we have a full moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra, while the sun sits in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Aries is the sign that heralds the beginning of the spring season and Libra announces the arrival of autumn. Aries is bold and brash. The sign, symbolized by the ram, offers us passion and the desire to move forward into heartfelt action without excess deliberation. Libra, represented by the scales of balance, likes to consider things carefully before acting. This sign favours harmony and balance over extremes of any kind. While this might sound as crazy-making, it can actually offer us much in the way of reflection and insight.

What I mean by this is that if you are working with a quality of intention which you set at the new moon, the time of beginning, then the full moon offers you a time to pause and consider those intentions so that you may refine them as needed. For example, this particular lunation (cycle from one new moon to the next), began with a double dose of fire. Sun in Aries, moon in Aries. That fire energy was perfect for setting powerful intentions in the areas of creativity and spirituality. These intentions could support you in moving out of the stagnancy of winter and into the vitality of spring. Now, at the mid-point of the lunation the discriminating wisdom of the Libra full moon can provide you the opportunity to slow down and pause. The Libra full moon acts as a set of reins on a wild horse. If you wrote down intentions that were great but overly ambitious the Libra’s full moon time of reflection can allow you time to see your plans from a loving distance.

When our personal intentions are overly heroic we may set goals that are unrealistic or unsustainable. This is never a good thing. An intention we cannot maintain can weaken our centre of will and commitment. The invitation, provided by the full moon time, is to look at the visions and goals you may have set for yourself this month and go deep. Ask yourself —  are these goals realistic? For example, one of my intentions for this lunation was to move my body more. My action step was to sign up for a local run club which meets twice a week. My run coach asked me to tell her how many times a week I could commit to running on my own and I said I would commit to one day of running outside of run club. That was a realistic commitment and one I could follow through on. An overly heroic commitment would have been to say I would commit to 2-3 extra days of running per week. This would have been unsustainable for me. I would have failed to live up to my commitment and weakened my resolve.

As this full moon in Libra lights up the night sky, take time to consider ways that you can bring more harmony into your life. What can you add? What can you take out? How can you create a better balance between what you desire, and what you can achieve? Libra, ruled by the planet of Venus, offers us a heightened appreciation for love and beauty along with greater access to the quality of self-compassion. This means that a full moon in Libra can be a lovely time to add simple rituals that celebrate harmony and loving care. One of the ways I like to practice this is to tidy my living spaces, restore order to my desk and office, and freshen up the many altars in my home. This is a quiet practice that assists me in feeling a sense of clarity and ease. I have learned through experience that my best and wisest decisions have always been made from this place of ease, so any practices I can do to cultivate that state of being are valuable to me.

If you have a desire to practice sacred timekeeping by honouring the cycles of the moon and noting their impact on your life, know that any way you choose to do that is perfect. If this type of practice is new to you, a moon calendar is a good place to start. You can watch the moon as it goes through its phases each month. Take note of the times it rises and sets. Notice the difference between a waxing and a waning crescent. Start a moon journal (any lined or unlined journal is good) where you write down which sign the new and full moons fall in and a few short notes about what is arising in your own life at that time. In other words, pay attention. From this place of greater awareness, you plant seedlings for more knowledge and wisdom to grow.

Bright full moon blessings to you!

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