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About natalie rousseau

nat-about“Yoga is a path that offers both self empowerment & deep humility. To be a teacher on this path is one of the greatest honours of my life.”


I have been a devoted student of the yogic arts since the late 90’s and began my teaching career in 2002. My offerings are infused with the things that inspire me most, namely the power of practice, the wisdom of nature, and the wonder of living an ordinary life lit up through mindful presence

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Natalie’s dedication to the true practice of yoga shines when she is teaching and sharing the joy and wisdom of this ancient discipline with her students. Her classes, retreats, teacher training programs & workshops are inspiring to beginning and advanced practitioners alike, and are rich with the deeper philosophy of the yoga practice. She is extremely skilled in the art of guiding her students to access their own source of inner confidence and strength so that they are able to take their personal practice to a deeper level in new and exciting ways. Natalie is a genuine, passionate and wise teacher who supports her students in awakening to their true potential and, for this reason, she is a respected, strong, and much needed voice in our world today. ~ Kimberly Loeb, Inner Circle Healing Arts

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DIY Yarrow Bug Repellant Roll On

We are having a really bad year for mosquitoes here in the Pemberton valley this summer, and even though I tend to suffer less from bug bites than my husband does I am covered in them this year. So I’ve had to get serious about applying bug spray whenever I head out to the garden and […]

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Full Moon & Solstice Season Tarot Spread

I woke up early this morning, as I often do when the moon is waxing towards full, and I took advantage of the quiet to do a full moon tarot spread, a favourite practice of mine. I will often reach for my tarot deck when I am working through big questions or changes in my life […]

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Summertime Sage & Lavender Sugar Scrub

We celebrated the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere yesterday and the kids are almost out of school for the holidays. With the solstice, we celebrate the longest day of the summer, but the hottest days are yet to come. July and August stretch ahead of us and most of us are looking forward […]

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